We offer electronic prior authorization (ePA)

HealthGates is a conduit for delivering proper therapies in an immediate, seamless, and efficient manner.

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HealthGates is a digital system for patient data

HealthGates is a digital system for patient data that is designed to advance the communication and delivery of health-related information for the pharmaceutical industry, health care providers, insurance industry, and patients. At a time when advances in the treatment of difficult diseases have rapidly changed, current antiquated technology is holding back advances from the people who need it the most.

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HealthGates brings cutting-edge technology to bridge the current gaps of prior authorization.

In many medical diagnoses, the fax machine is still the prefered mode of communication. The current system has now become a barrier that significantly delays treatment. The cost is far more than merely financial when a patient’s life or death situation is placed in the hands of some distant employee who is tasked with PA approval or denial. The “eradication of the fax machine” is not only a catchy tech phrase, it is a necessity if we want to advance health care delivery in the modern era.

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Empowerment through electronic authorization

Returning power to doctors to do what they do best; care for patients. Authorization has delayed care and allowed medication to be wasted for far too long.

Precision and personalized medicine are the future for healthcare, HealthGates incorporates these tailwinds with blockchain technology.

HealthGates was founded in early 2017 by Dr. Francis Arena, Medical Director of NYU Langone Arena Oncology and Clinical Professor of Medicine at NYU Medical College. HealthGates was borne out of the frustration with the existing mechanisms for treatment authorization. HealthGates plans to work within the existing medical ecosystem to connect the insurance company to the doctor’s office and specialty pharmacy, removing the delays plaguing physicians and patients alike.

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Meet Dr. Francis Arena

Dr. Arena, founder of HealthGates, wants to eradicate cancer. He founded HealthGates with that goal in mind.


Dr. Arena is one of the leading oncologists in the world, pioneering new treatment methods and drugs throughout his field.


Dr. Francis Arena has been a licensed doctor for over 35 years, working for several prestigious medical organizations in the U.S.

The leadership team

These are the experienced professionals working to make HealthGates a success for the medical space.

DR. FRANCIS ARENA Co-Founder, Pres. & CEO
Gary RM Co-Founder & Claims Director
ELLEN SCHARAGA Co-Founder & Benefits Director
Kiran Chandeshkar Co-Founder & Technical Director